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Katmai Day Tour

Bears scene on the Brooks River from the bear viewing platform.

Katmai National Park is home to North America’s largest protected population of brown bears. Katmai is world renowned for it's bear viewing, rainbow trout and salmon fishing and the amazing valley of ten thousand smokes. Come visit the breath taking scenery and the best bear tour Alaska has to offer. Witness the magical ecosystem in Katmai as Alaska brown bears feed on migrating salmon, birds, bears, lakes, mountains, fish all in this fantastic Alaska Day Tour.      

 Fishing group on Lower Moraine Creek, Katmai National Park
Katmai national park, brown bear. brooks falls

Pacific Walrus Viewing

These Pacific Walrus live in the Bering and Chukchi seas where they haul out on ice and along the coast and islands of Russia and Alaska. Adult males, or bulls, are up to feet long and may weight up to 2 tons; females are smaller and can weigh 

up to 1-ton. 

This Peninsula Walrus viewing tour begins in as you depart our Anchorage office in our twin engine Piper Navajo to the town of King Salmon where you will get on a bush wheel plane, where you’ll land on a beach and take a short hike up to the viewing spot.

This is a newer tour to the area, offering you a true once in a lifetime to experience to see these amazing creatures. You will get a birds-eye view as you stand on the edge of Cape Grieg on a cliff towering over thousands of Pacific Walrus congregating sunbathing.  

Due to seasonal changes this tour varies in price and availability starting at $1500 per person

Flight Seeing

Take a flight around North America's tallest mountain Denali, see mesmerizing blue ice glaciers, fly over snow capped volcanoes or tour Prince William Sound.  We have many Alaska flight seeing tours to meet your budget and time frame. 

prices starting at $295 per person 

Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

More details to come...